My Experience Covering the G8 and NATO Summits

I have to admit when I was assigned to cover the German perspective of the G8 and NATO summits I was not at all thrilled about it. I love the Lincoln Square neighborhood and have been there many times, but never to talk to people about their heritage or politics.

I felt unprepared and nervous to discuss a topic with strangers that I myself was not completely familiar with. After researching Germany’s position on a lot of the key issues that would be discussed during the summits, my opinion started to change about the nation.

I held a similar opinion as Erin Suss, the woman I interviewed for the story, in that I really only associated Germany with one thing, the Holocaust, and that’s pretty much it.

After learning that Germany is strongly opposed to nuclear weapons, war and is earnest about a smart and financially sound way to return troops home from Afghanistan. My thoughts began to turn from resentment and more towards understanding for the German nation.

Going to Lincoln Square and talking to a lot of the local residents turned out to be a lot more fun than I expected, but this part turned out to be the hardest of all. It seemed that most people, all except Erin Suss, had absolutely no idea what was going on in the G8 and NATO Summits.

Everyone I talked too, felt immense pride for their German heritage and were a little embarrassed when I asked them a question about Germany and they had no idea what I was talking about. It was hard to find a person to interview, but eventually I found Suss.

As far as my expectations go for covering the NATO summit in Chicago are, I’m not going to expect people to be fully aware of what is going on.


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