Local News and The World Today

                It’s no secret that today’s news outlets are evolving and changing on a daily basis, and I’m not talking about the actual news, I’m talking about the way in which audiences are receiving their news.

                What used to be a no brainer, you go out and get the morning paper, has turned into, you roll over check your smart phone for any facebook updates, check your email, and then check your favorite news outlet for the day’s top stories.

                You can do all this without ever leaving your bed. It would not surprise me in the least if one asked a first grader to draw how their mom’s and dad’s get the news, out of 30 or so students, not one would draw a newspaper. In fact I bet if asked to draw a newspaper the blank stares would be vast among them.

                In Ken Doctor’s book, Newsonomics, he talks greatly about the ever changing world of journalism. A world that once seemed so grounded and sturdy in the past is now in an endangered new frontier. 

                News rooms that used to buzz with excitement are now full of crickets and cobwebs. That’s not to say that people are not still getting their news daily, in fact people now a days are receiving more news than ever. Universal news it available and ready for the taking at any given moment.

                Local news however is much, much harder to find.  Doctor’s states, “Over the years, the ravages of Internet competition had damaged the local press more than the national, and then the recession came along, just as a fierce storm whacks off the limbs of weakened trees ” (45).

Since the Internet is forever changing so is way people are choosing to get their news. The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and USA Today are still the heavy hitters when it comes to print, but when it come to online media they don’t even compare to Facebook or Twitter. Word of mouth is becoming the most reliable news source.

                I think that this trend has a direct effect on today’s media market. It’s exciting and nerve racking at the same time. The Internet is literally forcing people to be innovative and to create outlets that have never been created before.  People need to evolve with the internet in order to create a stable business, that allows journalist to do their jobs.


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